We are technical experts that can help you prepare complete and detailed applications for a timely approvals process. We come from industrial backgrounds and have experience across mining, steel, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil&gas, renewable energy, food&beverage, and commercial sectors. In addition to our air quality services, we are partnered with leading Acoustic and Noise engineers across Canada allowing us to provide a full suite of comprehensive Air and Noise compliance and reporting services. Specifically, our services include:
-          Environmental Compliance Approvals, and Permits (ECAs, EASRs)
-          Emission Summary & Dispersion Modelling Reports
-          Land Use Planning and Compatibility Assessments
-          Odour Management Plans
-          Dust Management Plans
-          Acoustic Assessment Reports
-          Vibration Assessment Reports
-          Stack testing, Ambient and Mobile Air Monitoring
-          Regional Air Quality Modelling