Black Background

A senior leader in the field of education and learning development, Jackie has extensive experience facilitating the creation of impactful training programs. Her work is focused on supporting curriculum and program design, training leaders, and presenting cutting edge primary and secondary research and initiatives in the field of learning and development. Throughout her career, she has taken on several roles in educating leaders and community members. This includes being a certified International SI Trainer, supervisor, coach, and senior manager. Jackie also teaches at the University of Guelph, most notably in courses focused on leadership, failure, and communication. She has her Master’s in Education from the University of Toronto, with a specialization in student development. In addition to all of this she is involved in meaningful research focused specifically on learning development and how to create effective and impactful learning environments. Jackie also holds a global certification with the Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) Network as a Facilitator and provides internationally recognized training for corporate trainers. Her experience in higher education has helped refine her strong communication, leadership development, adult learning approaches and strategic project management skills. Jackie has also led multiple large multi-stakeholder projects, including an international business school accreditation bid, a project for the development of remote learning development for COVID-19, and has led multiple international training certifications both in person and online. Jackie has worked with clients and their senior leaders to ensure each training experience is impactful and is tailored to their individual and stakeholder needs. She regularly presents at conferences and venues across North America on the topics of curriculum mapping and social and emotional skill development for professional and managerial staff.

Jackie Hamilton
Lead Consultant - Leadership, Development, and Corporate Training