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As a climate change professional, Rebecca has focused much of her working career on strategic solutions for the public and private sector to combat and adapt to climate change impacts. Through tactical approaches and thorough stakeholder considerations and engagement, her work has resulted in multiple sustainability and climate change action plans. She has been working as a municipal and county-wide Climate Change Coordinator, where she worked with six municipalities and a county to develop their community greenhouse gas reduction plan, and updated their Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plans. In this capacity she organized stakeholder and public meetings to assist in developing strategic plans for each community. In the largely rural municipal jurisdiction, she engaged the agricultural sector, local community groups, and conservation authorities to develop strong community partnerships and ensure on-going work by each proponent for successful implementation. Through working alongside local and regional municipalities, Rebecca has developed a deep understanding of the inner workings of municipal work and the capabilities they have in developing and providing comprehensive energy and climate change plans, which she has gained through her work experience and educational career.

Rebecca Garlick

Lead Consultant - Community Energy and GHG Reductions